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The International Distance Academy of Nutrition and Weight Correction Nelly Keshishyan

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tel: +48 570230720 (Polska)
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tel: +49 1525 9718451 (Deutschland)
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How to loose weight? You are asking nutrionists, doctors, your friend, you are looking for an answer on the Internet! But what do they know about you to give you their recommendations? All educational institutions in the world are teaching someone else's experience. The "Kenelliya" Academy gives you the opportunity to learn yourself.

You must be age 18-75 to become student of the Academy . After you have completed the study you might receive the opportunity to get employed by the Academy.

To apply for the initial interview
please fill in the registration form:

Proceed to the registration form.

After you have passed the interview, you will receive the contract and invoice for the selected training course (semester-based)

The following people may apply for a training at the Voluntary department of the Academy:
  • Orthodox monks, priests and their families
  • Disabled people of the first disability group
  • Large orthodox families
  • Cancer patients

Recommendations from the priest to whom you confess and recieve communion from and the orthodox church name in which you are parishioner should be provided.

You can download the sample application
for the Voluntary department here:

Download sample application

The unique technique of "I want to know the truth about themselves"

What do you think?
How to say?
How to eat?
How to act?
How to love?

The method is adapted!

To all diseases
It doesn't have any age restrictions
It is adjusted to your individual lifestyle
This is an anti-stress treatment
It is not based on coding and hypnosis
We are not counting calories. It is not a diet
We are eating after 6 pm

You are not allowed to EAT LITTLE
Eating out. Eating on holidays. Eating on business trips
Keeping off weight. "Balance" program
"Skin" program
"Firmer breasts" program
Home treatment lessons
Eating in the family

The licensed Kenelliya food testing method is based on identifying individual food intolerance to allow you to loose weight, gain weight and keep off weight. The Distance Academy Kenelliya offers you the unique opportunity to study in any country, in any language, at the time that suits you!


Training duration and price

*at the Kenelliya Academy you can choose from 2 skill levels: training for people without medical education and training for people with medical education (secondary, higher education)
Faculties Academy without medical education with medical education*
number of hours cost (EUR) number of hours cost (EUR)
Basic (male and female department). Loosing weight 12 h. 407 20 h. 571
Basic (male and female department). Keeping off weight 4 h. 143 8 h. 382
Correcting nutrition 4 h. 143 8 h. 382
Stress management 6 h. 214 8 h. 286
Initial consultancy (creation of individual project) 2 h. 80 4 h. 114
Supporting consultancy in the "Learn yourself' program 1 h. 50 1 h. 39
Monthly supporting (Practice) 3 h. 127 4 h. 166
Childhood obesity with drawing lessons 12 h. 407 20 h. 571
Childhood obesity with foreign language lessons 12 h. 418 24 h. 686
Pre-operative patients 12 h. 407 20 h. 571
Post-operative patients 15 h. 482 20 h. 700
Rehabilitation of athletes 12 h. 407 30 h. 857
Rehabilitation of ballet dancers 12 h. 407 28 h. 800
Preparing for pregnancy 12 h. 407 20 h. 571
I, II, III trimesters of pregnancy 12 h. 407 20 h. 571
Postpartum recovery 12 h. 407 20 h. 571
Diabetes (child department) 12 h. 407 20 h. 571
Diabetes (adult department) 12 h. 407 20 h. 571
Rehabilitation of people with disabilities 12 h. 407 24 h. 686
Menopause (postmenopause) 12 h. 407 20 h. 571
Home restaurant 20 h. 571 20 h. 571
Underweight 12 h. 407 36 h. 1`029
Voluntary department 12 h. 0 12 h. 0
Orthodox care service 20 h. 0 20 h. 0
Orthodox refectory 20 h. 0 20 h. 0
Affiliate program for doctors 0 h. 0 4 h. 143
Affiliate program for trainers 4 h. 143 0 h. 0
Affiliate program for students of the Academy 4 h. 0 4 h. 0
Certification of interpretors to work in the "Learn yourself" program 8 h. 36 0 h. 0
Training for nurses who work in Russian-speaking families living abroad 20 h. 500 20 h. 500
Internship at the voluntary faculty 8 h. 0 8 h. 0
Internships and practice in all departments are fee based 8 h. 29 8 h. 50



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